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Doors lock when trunk is opened

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2013 sentra push to start EVO-ALL . When ever trunk is opened doors lock , i have locked key in car because of this ! Does not happen with EVO-All unplugged . What is the solution ?
posté Juin 10, 2014 dans la catégorie Nissan par Geoblaz (190 points)

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Hi George,

Is there any other sytem installed with the EVO-ALL? Is there a T-Harniss also installed?

What is the 12-digit service number written on the back of the EVO?
répondu Juin 10, 2014 par Robert T (284,490 points)
001 A06 222 081  Dated 8/13 - No T - harness - Stand alone install - Installed using Guide #8441 .
Here is the current status of your EVO-ALL :


First thing I would do is update the EVO-ALL the the recommended firmware; 72.14

Next go turn On Option C1 - OEM Remote Monitoring.

Plug the EVO back into the car; no need to redo the programming procedure.