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10 Acura RDX Door Locks won't unlock if running unless you lock first

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Using Evo-All with Ultra Start 3295 2way wired D2D.  Vehicle is set to unlock doors, start vehicle, and lock doors--set through evo-all. Most current update in evo-all.

If remote started, the doors unlock, vehicle starts, doors lock.==Perfect

Problem is when customer comes to vehicle and pushes unlock on remote starter remote the doors will NOT unlock unless you push the lock button first.(even though the doors are locked at start up) Seems like something in the settings must be wrong but what??
posté Nov 13, 2013 dans la catégorie Acura par Jesse Hir (680 points)

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To get proper keyless working while the vehicle is started, you do need to connect the lock and unlock to the vehicle.


I'd recommend using the EVOs red connector for this, as per diagram, and not the remote starter.


(80) Lock - Blue - Driver Kick Panel, connector coming from door harness

(84) Unlock - Grey - Driver Kick Panel, connector coming from door harness


répondu Nov 13, 2013 par Robert T (284,630 points)
That is how its hooked up.  Is there something in the options maybe that needs to be on??

What I did notice is if I lock the doors with remote starter remote then start vehicle it will work right...but if the doors were locked using oem remote then when its running by remote start the vehicle will not unlock unless locked first by remote starter remote.

You shouldn't have to play with any options besides for the Unlock before/Lock after start in the EVO. You should not though, have both EVO and remote starter set to that unlock/lock funtion.


Just to be clear on one thing, it's the remote starter remote not unlocking while the vehicle is remote started? The factory remote will not work originally while the vehicle is started, which is why i am asking this.


The Lock and Unlock wires you are using, are they in a white or blue connector?