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Can't find door locks on a 2006 Tundra

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hi i called about 2006 tundra for door locks i dont know if guys can keep looking into it i need to figure this out customer wants the door locks please let me know
posté Mar 20, 2014 dans la catégorie Toyota par steve m (1,340 points)

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Hi Steven,


The person you spoke to sent you an email.

If your driver kick panel does not look like this, please tell me all the details of the vehicle.

  • VIN, engine, 2wd or 4wd, with or withour DRL, with or without the OEM alarm.



répondu Mar 20, 2014 par Robert T (284,390 points)
élue Jan 15, 2015 par Darren Satkunas
no drl
4 door
oem alarm dont know
Hi Steve,
Try either of these.
Door Key Lock and Unlock Switch (test using key hole in door):
  • Lock White/Green -  Connector IB4 driver kick panel; Pin 6
  • Unlock Blue/Red   -  Connector IB4 driver kick panel; Pin 7

Master Switch:

  • Lock Green/Blue   - Connector IB3 driver kick panel; Pin 9
  • Unlock Red/Yellow - Connector IB3 driver kick panel; Pin 9

Door Lock Diagram:


Connector View:


Connector Locations: