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Using EVO-ALL with Crimestopper RS1-G4 in 2005 Jeep Liberty. Also, Firmware version?

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I have a 2005 Jeep Liberty and I want to install the EVO-ALL with Crimestopper RS1-G4 (single button remote start only). Since the RS1-G4 has the 4pin Data-Link, would I need to hook up the other 20pin, 5pin, 6pin, 2pin harnesses that are included with the EVO-All? I know I would still need to hook up wires from the RS1-G4 to the car. My question is for the EVO-ALL itself.

I know I need the firmware version 4.06. What If the firmware version included is higher than 4.06? What if it is lower than 4.06? Will it still work?

Thanks for the help.
posté Mar 4, 2014 dans la catégorie Jeep par Dan Landrum (140 points)

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Hi Dan,


About the firmware. 4.06 is the required firmware. But... we have re-added the J1850 databus in the latest vehicle specific firmware for Chrysler which is 74.15.


As for connections, anything that is dotted line in the install guide would not be needed if using the datalink between the EVO and Crimestopper unit. Just make sure that the Crimestopper is set to Fortin datalink protocol, although by factory it is set to Fortin.

répondu Mar 4, 2014 par Robert T (279,340 points)

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