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why would evo-All not turnoff after car is turned off or break is pushed?

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I have a 2009 jeep liberty i installed your evo-all with a t harness in around december 20th 2013. it worked for maybe three days before it started acting up unlocking all the doors hear and there as i was driving. two days after that i went for a thirty minute drive to work when i went to turn the car off it kept running so i proceeded to press the brake to see if that would turn it off and nothing. i decided to try pussing the lock button on the key fob three times to turn it off and it wasnt even initializing the locks. i ended up unpluging the imobilizer from the t harness and everything went back to normal. I purchased this from an ebay seller that sells many of these and i tried resolving things threw them but got no where. the service number is 001a06279383, hrdwr vr: 6, firmware 4.18. i would apreciate anything you can do.  thank you
posté Fev 7, 2014 dans la catégorie Jeep par kyle wagar (140 points)

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Doors randomly locking and unlocking sounds like the EVO is having a power problems, which is normally caused by a loose connection on the yellow ignition wire.


When the car is not shutting off if the EVO is keeping it on there would be LEDs on. specifically the red LED indicates the EVO has the car started. The Yellow LED indicates ignition on and the blue is data being received/sent to and from the EVO.
répondu Fev 10, 2014 par Robert T (279,340 points)

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