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How do I know if need to buy a Flash Link Updater?

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Just installed the EVO-ALL with a THAR-CHR5 harness in a 2013 Jeep Compass.  Key FOB programmed correctly but the carr won't start.  Do I need to purchase a Flash Link Updater or is there a problem with the EVO-ALL?
posté Fev 1, 2014 dans la catégorie Jeep par G Perry (170 points)

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If you are using the EVO as a stand alone unit, then yes you will need one to turn on the Stand Alone feature in the EVO-ALL.


On a side note.... The Flash Link is also required to update the firmware in the EVO. Firmware updates are almost now always required with new vehicles.
répondu Fev 3, 2014 par Robb (262,230 points)
Any other ways to program the EVO-ALL besides purchasing a Flash Link?