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Evo-Start LTE offline

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i installed the EVo-Start LTE January 12th everything was working great (LTE, GPS, Bluetooth). On February 2nd it went offline while the car had been parked at 2109hrs(MST), no GPS connection no LTE, only bluetooth connection works.  On the app, the unit is listed offline, is there any way to reboot the unit? Or is it a network issue.


Device ID:8**************
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In order to verify this I would first need the device id.

If you tap the cars name on the main screen the device id will appear.


Best regards.
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If you are still using the device, please try the following:

1 - Power off the EvoSTart LTE
2 - Open the case and remove the SIM card
3 - Wait 5min
4 - Insert the SIM card back and close the casing
5 - Power the EvoStart up.
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I followed your instructions removed the SIM for 5 minutes, after plugging the antenna back into the harness the red led was solid for 15 seconds before returning to just flashing, blue led just blinks. App still shows unit as offline.
Thank you for performing that test.


Can you please unplug wait 10 seconds and re plug the evo start module again.


Best regards.
No changes, blue led continues to blink, and app shows antenna as offline.
I have another test if you are willing to try:

Open the case to the evo start lte, remove the SIM card, and put your phone SIM card in for 5 minutes. Then remove your phone SIM card and put back the original one.

Best regards.