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Unable to update Firmware

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When trying to update the EVO-ONE Software, several messages appear at the top right of the screen 
-- Please update your FLASH-LINK UPDATER firmware
-- Please disconnect the EVO-ONE from the FLASH-LINK UPDATER before proceeding with the FLASH-LINK        UPDATER firmware update.
-- Please select a Firmware Version
And the screen does not change status and does not update the firmware
posté Oct 24, 2022 dans la catégorie Kia par Fidel Garza (180 points)

1 Réponse

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Click on HELP, then choose the 4th option "Cancel FlashLink Firmware Update" if it is clickable. Then disconnect/reconnect the Flash Link Updater.


What is the s/n of the flash link updater?

What is the s/n of the EVO-ONE?
répondu Oct 24, 2022 par Robert T (284,490 points)
Please check that you are also using the latest version of the flash link manager program 4.51.
Hi Robert
The cancel  Firmware is not available
The info of flash link is now changed. before i have version 4.05 but now shows empty.
the EVO-ONE now show this data. with firmware in 0.00
pd. my Flashlink manager Software already has lastest version 4.51
Thanks in Advance.
Something went wrong with an update of the flash link updater. It is currently at 0.00.


Third option under help, Flash Link Firmware update, can you try that?

Yes i  tried that.

First Select the  option  flash firmware Update and the blue led on te flashlink is blinking, now remove the usb cable and waith 5 seconds, at reconnecting in the lower bar says Conection mode : FLU. and in the flashlink leds red and green are solid.

in the screen one message says Firmware update is about to start  with 3 red dots  but nothings more happens. 

i probe with diferent usb cable , diferent computer, laptop and get the same Result 

Thanks in Advance.

Thank you for the description. Unfortunately it seems your FL Updater device has been corrupted. You will need a new one.

Due to my previous work I have had to flash different equipment, graphic cards, security sytems, routers etc. and regularly the firmware file is located on the computer to which the equipment is connected to flash.

From what I see in the Flashlink Manager everything is done through the Internet.

Is it not possible that the Software does not reach the file path to flash and therefore does not continue?

Something else I could try before discarding the Hardware.

Best regards

Unfortunately no. All flash is done via the internet but your device is currently not loaded with any firmware. The software will not be able to update it as it has no idea what it is trying to update.

There is a 3 year warranty on the flash link from the date of manufacture.
Sorry Robert but I have the very same problem. But I tried with two different units with different flash links they both can't be corrupt. Flash link 4 & flash link lite.