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Which harness should I use with EVO-ONE in 2022 Toyota RAV4 LE?

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I'm going to get EVO-ONE for my 2022 Toyota RAV4 LE, H-key. In the spring I checked recommended solution: EVO-ONE and THAR-ONE-TOY12.

But now the website suggests THAR-ONE-TOY14... Which one should I get? and what's the difference?

I want to use it just with Toyota key for remote start, no separate module.

Thanks in advance!
posté Aout 6 dans la catégorie Toyota par Aleks Gryshchenko (310 points)

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The TOY14 will replace the TOY12 as it includes connections for the IMI-IMO which the TOY12 did not. With the TOY12, you ar required to manually make those connections


Best is to compare wiring of both.

Page 4 (TOY12) :

Page 4 (TOY14):
répondu Aout 8 par Robert T (275,300 points)
Thanks Robert T One more quick question: TPMS... It shows scissors with the note 'if equipped'... So if my RAV4 does NOT have TPMS I don't need to connect white/red and white/green wires to wire coming from pin 12 of blue connector. Correct? Thanks!
Looks like i missed your reply.


Correct, that connection is not always needed. I have seen cases where it was stil lrequired though. You will know if it is really needed it the OEM remotes cannot unlock the doors while the car is remote started.

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