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Analog remote start

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I need advice on picking an analog remote starter to pair with my bypass Evo all to reduce crank times would the CrimeStopper Cool Start RS3-G5 be a good option if not what's the recommended system to choose?

I'm not too sure about the firmware lore hence my question on this matter but I figured I should ask as well, was the remote start crank issue already solved? I've read other questions asking about overstart or overcrank and I've tested manual start versus remote start and really I don't hear too much of difference except for starter discharging sound after remote start which is really short It's not a grinding sound it much rather sounds like an RC car but very faint and only lasts for a second or so.

So it has me a little puzzled on what I should do next to solve the problem if it hasn't already been solved is this normal or should something be done about it?

This is my first actual system install of remote start / alarm system so a few things are kind of unclear for me.

My car is a 2006 Daytona RT Charger.

Thank you in advance.
posté Juil 13, 2022 dans la catégorie Dodge par Kevoné (530 points)
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RS#-G5 should work fine with the evo-all.


Imo if you wanted an all in one solution, I would just use an evo-one. Then you dont need the starter or the evo-all.
répondu Juil 14, 2022 par derek ! (285,690 points)
I may just do that and put this current setup on my other '06 V6 charger is the CHR5 T harness compatible with Evo one or will I have to change my harness?
no the t-harness works for both modules.

here are the guides for however you decide to do it:



crimestopper & evo-all:
Thank you so much You really saved me a headache your help goes a long ways ✨