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2003 Jeep Liberty runs 2 seconds then dies

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I used a UltraStart 3295 with an EvoAll in a 03 Liberty. The vehicle started by remote start once and stayed running, every time after the vehicle will start for 2 seconds then dies. Wired in as per instruction for evo-all (connection 1, program 1). Flashed evo-all as per instructions to 4.06. Turned on D2D in options tab.

The door locks also are not working through remote starter.

The horn honks 5 times after each start fail.
posté Nov 11, 2013 dans la catégorie Jeep par Jesse Hir (660 points)
re-catégorisée Nov 15, 2013 par Robert T

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For proper remote starting, also sure the MUX relay is always activating properly and that the connections from the RED connector of the EVO are on the right tranponder ignition wire. Also, the Yellow wire of the EVO should be on the vehicle side of that cut wire.

Flashed evo-all as per instructions to 4.06. Turned on D2D in options tab.

That option is actually only their for the newest firmware. With the 4.06 firmware, you would need to Flash the unit by selecting the D2D protocol before selecting the firmware. Once you select a vehicle, you will see a drop box called, "Choose Data-Link Protocol: ", select the D2D protocol then choose the 4.06 firmware.


Next, once the unit is flashed to 4.06, reset the EVO in the vehicle. Here is the RESET procedure. This will turn all options back to factory:

1- Hold down programming button while plugging in datalink connector.
2- Let go of button when LED is RED.
3- Push and hold button again until all three LEDs start to alternate.
4- Disconnect unit, she is now reset.

The door locks also are not working through remote starter.

Their can be a few reasons for this.. The Green/Red wire of the EVO needs to be connected to the vehicles analog door lock wire. Depending on if the vehicle has a factory alarm or not, the wire you want will be different.


When you program the EVO, what you do on step 4, sets the EVO up to the correct setting (with or without alarm). The reason for this, is that the analog door lock wire is a MUX system. The values will be different depending on if you have a factory alarm or not.


So the big questions are:

  1. Does the vehicle have a factory alarm?
  2. Where did you connect the green/red wire of the EVO?
  3. How did you program the EVO?


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élue Nov 15, 2013 par Robert T
The answer to your questions,

1-The vehicle does NOT have a factory alarm

2-Connected to pink/violet wire.(connector behind fuse panel, as per "wire color" also did try it on lt green/orange on bcm

3-Hold button down, plug in data connector, release button when Blue light on, connect all other connectors, turn on ignition, Blue light turns off, Red light turns on then off, Yellow light turns on, turn key off and Yellow light turns off. (when it didn't work I went through the process again but used the alarmed process but still no luck)

Yes I did double check wiring for Red connector. I put the Yellow and White/Red wire together and then put on vehicle side(Blue wire). And White/Green to ignition wire(Blue)

I did not know how to reset the evo-all so I just went through the programming process thinking it would "relearn"

I did notice a trend, if the oem key is near ignition the vehicle will stay started but if I remove keys from vehicle then it will die in 2 seconds.

Ok, so since you have no OEM alarm, you want the pink/violet wire

The EVO has preset values for this type of door lock system on Chrysler/Dodge/Jeep. One for vehicles with alarm, the other for vehicles without alarm. SInce those values do not seem to work on your vehicle, there is a fix for this.


Firmware 0.49 - This firmware will adapt to what the MUX values are in that vehicle. You will need to make sure the purple and purple/white of EVO are connected to lock and unlock on the remote starter. This firmware is not available for datalink connections and will require hardwired connections.


- After programming the transponder, (step 1 to 3 of regular programming)
- Turn the ignition Off
- The Yellow LED turn ON
- Activate car lock function [lock button or lock door switch ] (hold button for the value)
- Press lock button on the RS remote (will not work in datalink)
- The yellow LED turn Off
- Release the car lock function
- The Blue turn ON
- Activated car unlock function [unlock button or unlock door switch ] (hold button for the value)
- Press unlock button on the RS remote (will not work in datalink)
- The blue LED turn Off
- Release the car unlock function

There is another solution which is also very simple. Wire the door locks from the remote starter directly to the vehicle. Relays are recommended to give a proper ground signal.


Lock - Pink / Purple - Junction Box Green Connector (PIN 10)

Through a 1.5 Kohm.


Unlock - Pink / Purple - Junction Box Green Connector (PIN 10)

Through a 470 ohm.

Ok, so what I did was...

Direct wired the door locks to remote starter using resistors as needed and the locks started working. But the remote starter still would NOT work for starting unless the oem keys were in the jeep.

I got another evo-all from my stock and flashed it with the most current update 74.1x (I think it was 74.10 if I remember correctly) Programmed it as per instructions and IT WORKS. I think the evo-all was the problem all along. Since it worked with the most current flash I didn't put the 4.06 in.

Not sure why the vehicle spec sheet says 4.06 MAX, I hope its going to be ok cause I used the most current update...What could this cause for a problem if any???

The Green/Red wire is NOT hooked to anything anymore. Hope thats ok???
It's ok to not connect the green/red as long as you have something that controls your door locks.

We took out any J1850 databus compatibilties after firmware 4.06, which is why the installation guide says 4.06 MAX. In the recent vehicle specific Chrysler/Dodge/Jeep 74.[XX] firmwares, we secretly re-introduced the J1850 bus.
So no harm in what I did??

That other evo-all must have been bad??
No harm in what you did. The EVO is not bad, the vehicles MUX door locks had different values then the presets in the EVO.

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