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good day. i want to install evo one on a 2008 honda civic manual transmission.

i can see there is a diagram for automatic transmission but nothing for manual transmission.

my question is do i just add the cluth bypass connection?

is it the thin white wire(a5) or the thick white wire(e1)?

thank you so much.
in Honda by mervin dulce (420 points)

1 Answer

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Correct you follow the auto guide but simply add the clutch bypass.


If the clutch switch is negative you would use white (a5), if the clutch switch is positive you would use the large yellow (e6) wire.


Test the clutch switch to determine its polarity.


Then you can configure you ready mode by selecting option 33 and following this guide:


Ready mode must be done every time you wish to remote start the vehicle.
by Derek (263k points)