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2008 Honda Odyssey right side sliding door

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I have 2008 Honda Odyssey installed the Evo-one & Evo-Start2 with factory fob 3 times lock and App they are work perfect.

 i have one problem when use Evostart 2 app open sliding door only left sliding door work ,but right side doesn't work.

i use only canbus not connect any wires to sliding door.

can you help please.


Thank you. 

posté Avr 16, 2022 dans la catégorie Honda par dkjhuynh (420 points)

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Sliding doors are not supported through data on the 2008 odyssey:


While it is good one of them works for you with the generic code being sent.


If you wanted both doors to work you would have to wire them to the aux output (yellow/black) of the evo one.
répondu Avr 19, 2022 par derek ! (285,690 points)
élue Avr 19, 2022 par dkjhuynh
Yes i would like both doors to work. can you show me show me where to connect (Yellow Black wire) of the Evo one to the car.

i didn't see in wiring diagram where to connect to

Thank you very much.