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I've installed Evo-one, remote starter RFK442 with Toy9 wiring packets. Connect and flash exactly the same with the Toy9 instruction. After all, I can start with remote starter but the vehicle failed to be ON. And flashing 4* parking light (no tachometer signal). Is there any solution for this problem? Thank you.

P/S: my S/N is 002B04241048
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Please turn off option E4 under special functions in the evo-one bypass and re test. If the isue is still present please answer the following question:

Does the vehicle start and run then shut down? Or does it just turn on crank the engine over and then shut down?
by Derek (263k points)
I've reset the module. Flash it to the latest fw, options set like procedure and all the special features were OFF. The vehicle could be remote start and then shut down, flash 4* parking light. By the way, my RHK442 fob couldn't be used to lock or unlock the door. Thanks for your help
Please enable option 20.2 and then re test remote start, let me know if the vehicle stays running.


With your desciption it almost sounds like the can bus never properly programmed. Did the blue led flash rapidly on its own when programming the unit to the vehicle?


Also does your OEM key have a G stamped on the shaft?
I've chosen option 20.2 before this post and the the engine running fine. No stop at all for abour 3 mins and then I decided to take over it but it didn't let me do so. I have to stop the remote start and start by key. That's why I chose 20.6 back. Yes, my key has a "G" on the shaft. The module is programmed quickly when I've just got it. Now I have to wait for about 3-5 mins for blue led flashing after red+blue rapid flash. And somehow my car flash on many messages like "check ABS, check VSC, check SRS,..." too.
It sounds like your issue may revolve around the can wires, that would explain almost all of your issues.


Is something plugged into the obd2 connector aside from the t-harness?

Can you try unplugging and replugging both ends of the t-harness that goes into the obd2 connector, then re program the evo to the vehicle.
I did unplug and replug the T-harness, now it program ok but if I chose 20.6. They started once or twice. After I put every panels back, it just keep cranking and no start. Then I chose "tachless only", engine can start but don't let me to overtake the remote start system.
if it worked, then stopped working when you put the car back together, I would sinpect how youve routed your t-harness. you may have pinched a wire or pulled to tightly on a plug.
After spending my free time in a month to reinspect all the wire, it seems to be nothing be pinched. I've reflash the module several times, program it outside to make sure all the wire straight. The problem are sometimes it can be programmed, but then the transmitter doesn't have LED light, and couldn't be start even the remote is sounds working fine. Then I just take the module to reflash and programmed again, then it couldn't be programmed because of "check VSC ABS system message on".


Please help me out of this situation please. I'm so frustrated now.

Thank you a lot
At this point I would suggest calling into technical support when you have the module and vehicle on hand so that we can go over the installation and programming with you on the spot.



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After long time to diagnose where the pinch wire is. I finally figured out that the white connector (next to red one) on the T-harness was losen. That was why everytime I tried to hide module, that connector wiggled and trigger "Check VSC AS system". I unpin the connector and adjust the it to fit the pin firmly. Thank you very much for you help Derek.
Glad you got it sorted out.


Best Regards.