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2015 Subaru Crosstrek XV. DCRYPTOR process produces solid red and blue status lights

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Have checked wiring all is good. Just goes from flashing red blue to solid red blue as soon as I turn on the ignition to program the DCRYPTOR.
posté Avr 9, 2022 dans la catégorie Subaru par Scott Hodgson (130 points)

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What is the S/N number on the back of the module in question?
répondu Avr 11, 2022 par derek ! (284,570 points)
For programming on this vehicle you are to start the car, not turn the ignition on.


Also, if you unplug the red connector from the evo-one, does the vehicle start normally with the key?
I do start the car. Same result. Car starts with red plug removed

"Car starts with red plug removed"


This means something is with wrong with your imo connection.


The vehicle should not start if the red connector is unplugged as the imo circuit is open when you do that. Which explains why it is not passing the first stage of programming. 

Hi Derek,

Igot past that hurdle. Everything arms fine. Car turns on. No crank. Then 4 flashing parking lights. then it tries again. same thing. I am closeI am sure.
This car should be cranking even if imo does not validate.


Was a t-harness used or was this hardwired?
T harness
To add if I press the clutch during remote start it will start and shut down in a couple seconds. But starts.
When you try to remote starter it, test the vehicles 2 starter wires and tell me what readings you are getting. be sure to test it at the OEm connector, this way we will see if the voltage is passing through the t-harness.
So I now can start the the car remotely. I changed the location of the BLU Black IMO wire and now it starts. However it does not seem to be sending the clutch info asIstillneedto holdtheclutch in. Checked clutch wire and it is connected correctly
If you press the clutch in and it remote starts, this confirms something is wrong with the clutch connection/wire.


I would test both the output of the module and the wire you are connected to as well.