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Truck goes into ready mode but won't start with the OEM fob 3x lock.

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I've installed the Fortin Evo-one with a THARONE-TOY5 T-harness on a 2016 Tacoma manual transmission and H-key start. Everything seems to work right with the ready mode and the truck shuts off when the last door is closed, however the 3x lock from my OEM remote does nothing but lock the doors. Any help is greatly appreciated.
posté Mar 28 dans la catégorie Toyota par Roger LeBlanc (200 points)

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What is the S/N number on the back of the module?


Was the yellow loop cut?


Was the clutch bypass connected?
répondu Mar 28 par derek ! (277,630 points)
The S/N is 002B04204548. The yellow loop was NOT cut and the clutch bypass was hooked up using the white wire (pin 5 on 20 pin connector) from Evo to a relay as the chutch cancel button is a positive circuit on my Tacoma.
In the remote starter side of the evo-one, enable option 38.2, save the option, then re test in the vehicle.


Also please be aware for the OEM remote to remain functional when remote started you must interupt the tpms circuit as shown in the installation guide:
Thanks Derek. The unit was flashed by Lockdown Security before it was shipped to me. My truck doesn't have TPMS but would the wire for it still be in the truck and have to be interupted?
Before we continue please confirm the following for me:

Once the truck is in ready mode, if you press lock on the OEM remote, does the blue led on the unit  flash each time you press lock?
Yes the blue light flashes with each press on the lock button.
Ok so in that case yes you will need to turn on 38.2 in the remote starter for 3x lock to function.


If the vehicle does not have tpms then there "should" be no wire present in the locaiton shown in the guide. I would double check to confirm that.


If that is the case there is a chance that once remote started in order to unlock the truck you will have to put the key in the door. This of course we can only confirm once option 38.2 is activated and we get the truck remote started.
Ok, I will look for the wire when I get home from work today. As for option 38.2 would I have to buy the Flashlink Updater to verify which option was used?

I have verified for you using the s/n that you provided. It shows me 38.1 is on, for 3x lock to work, 38.2 must be enabled.

You will need the flash link updater in order to change the options. Or you can reach out to your point of purchase to see if they can fix this for you.

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Hi Derek. Thanks again for all your help. The company I purchased the Evo-one from admitted their mistake and sold me the flashlink tool with free shipping and I can return it for a full refund if I don't want to keep it.
Glad you will be able to set the correct options.


If you need further assistance you can create a new thread on here or contact Fortin at 1-877-336-7797


Best Regards.

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