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Evo one dosn‘t run

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My Evo one dosn't run an momently. When i reset the dcryptor key found.
send data via pc to Evo one.

bit my car says "key Not found".

when i start with key in the vehicle no Problem. Outdoor not run.
posté Mar 7, 2022 dans la catégorie Volkswagen par Dominic Nakoinz (250 points)

1 Réponse

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What is the S/N to the module?

What all is being installed in the vehicle?

What is the year, make and model of the vehicle in question?
répondu Mar 8, 2022 par derek ! (285,690 points)


I found the error today. the reason was a cable connection on the dcryptor that had come loose

Glad you got it sorted.


Best regards.