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Programming or wiring?

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A random shop installed this mobile start 3 years ago and ive had issues on and off with mobile connectivity for the past year(of course shop disappeared).

06 BMW 330xi manual transmission, with push start

Just installed a new receiver to update the old one that is no longer supported. Mycar brand of mobile starter.

Prior to installing the new receiver the car would function normally minus the mobile start would not connect. Changed the receiver out to the new 4g module and now car is connected to the app and all the functions work except for remote start. Car needs to be put into "ready mode". Go to manually start the car and it will not crank. If the program button on the evo-one controller was bumped, will that disable any of the starting functions? If this module needs to be programmed, could it block the clutch sensor and stop the car from starting? I didnt see any wires fall off and the "depress clutch" symbol popped up once on the dash.

Looking for a spot to start diagnosising the no start issue.
posté Jan 17 dans la catégorie BMW par Mark B (130 points)

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EVO-ONE cant affect anything in regards to starting. It's not really connected to the car aside from power and ground.  

If the INT-BMW2 is not properly seated or if there is a bad/broken connection on the clutch wires, THAT may not allow the car to start.
répondu Jan 18 par Robert T (279,040 points)

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