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I have a 2016 Chryler T&C with the smart key (not push button start) I bought a evo all SN: 001A07047755. Programmed with the link (59.02 Firmware). I am using the  and Connected the yellow wires together like a guy did on youtube. I checked to make sure the yellow wire is getting power, and it has power. I get to the step with the blue light staying solid, and turn on the key and it still stays solid. I cant get it to flash when i turn the key on to program it. What should I try next? Thank you

in Chrysler by Justin Phipps (180 points)

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If it stays solid blue when you turn the key on then there is an issue with your yellow wires.


Check the yellow are at the 20 pin connector, It should have ignition voltage key on and no voltage key off.
by Derek (263k points)