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2011 Acura MDX Help....

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I installed two of these on my vehicles in the past and everything worked flawlessly.  I love this product.

However, today I installed this on my coworkers 2011 MDX (Acura) regular key, evo all, with T-Harness.  I made all the connections as per the instructions. The hardest part was getting steering wheel column plastic off. HAHA

I pressed the button and plugged in the 6 pin connector and it just continues to flash thru the colors. It never turns red like the instructions say. I did a trouble shooting form on the website and it says the firmware is out of date.  So I just bought a flash link updater.

Is there anything I missed??

Are there any hints to let me know about for the updater when I get it?

posté Jan 15 dans la catégorie Acura par Christopher Plank (130 points)

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