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Issues with Fortin EVO ALL on 2021 Rav4 push to start non-Hybrid

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EVO-ALL firmware 79.69 push to start non-hybrid. Flashed with the recommended settings using the wizard and verified current settings: A1:A10 = on, A11 = off, A12 = on, A13:B3 = off, C1:D1 = on, D2:D5 = off, D6 = on, D7:G = off, H2 = on (for the RFK912 install). First attempt at installation, bypass was programmed successfully and 3x lock started the vehicle. Once I programmed the two RFK912 remotes, the vehicle would not turn on with the remotes. Reset the unit using master reset procedure (red light and hold until all colors flash) and reflashed the unit and ram the decryptor. Nothing worked on the second try but the unit recognizes when I press the RFK912. Vehicle starts and runs normally using the push button start. Ran through master reset, reflash, and decryptor a few times with the same results. Now I am getting a decryptor limit reached error for SN 001A07272320. Please help - this is my second install on a RAV4 of the same year and the first install went flawlessly.
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posté Dec 31, 2021 dans la catégorie Toyota par Ali Rad (130 points)
fermé Jan 3 par Ali Rad

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I believe You have to flash the antenna on the rf kit using the flash link. There's a post on here somewhere on how to do that.
répondu Dec 31, 2021 par Devin J (180 points)

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