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Can bus faults after 3 trouble free years

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Is there any warranty on a the evo device that stopped working out of the blue? My 2014 ram broke down a couple of nights ago and the dtcs state the can bus was not ok. U0001 I removed the can high wire from evo and all issues went away and cleared. I love my remote starter and fob, is there anyway to get this module repaired or replaced ?
posté Dec 29, 2021 dans la catégorie Ram par joe tom (410 points)

1 Réponse

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Warranty is held at your point of purchase.


By the sounds of it though it sounds like it may have been a wiring related not a module problem, seems odd it would take 3 years for it to happen. Normally youd see it right away if there was something wrong that was module related.


Best Regards.
répondu Dec 29, 2021 par derek ! (279,120 points)

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