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2017 subaru forester Doors unlock but do not lock

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Vehicle: 2017 Subaru forester w/ standard key

Equipment: evo-one + rfk442 + THAR-ONE-SUB1

Issue: rfk442 lock button chirps and gives a green light, but does not lock the doors. I can hear relays clicking from the evo-one during this. OEM remote lock button works. rfk442 unlock does work.


When remote started, the doors unlock but do not re-lock despite remote start option 6 being set to 6.2.
posté Dec 29, 2021 dans la catégorie Subaru par Garrett Bowman (130 points)

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Can always take the purple lock wire from the 20 pin of the evo and just run it to the lock wire of the car: 

Light Blue

driver kick panel, 28-pin connector

Pin 20


Leave 6.2 on.

répondu Dec 29, 2021 par derek ! (284,870 points)