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INT-SL+ won't program to 2000 Silverado or be discovered by Flashlink Manager

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I have a Fortin INT-SL+.

HW Ver 2

Firmware Ver 3.01

mfg date 04/2018

Service number 002102061867

I also purchased a Fortin flashlink-lite updater


I have a 2000 Chevy Silverado with an older Chrime Stoppers remote start, and had on omega

IB-GMBP.DB-PAS-23A Passkey override. The omega unit went bad and appears to be discontinued.

I purchaesd the Fortin unit to replace it. I just need the passkey function of the Fortin.

Wired it in configuration 5 without data link.

When I follow the programming instructions, the red light will come on, but not start blinking when the key is switched on. I have checked my wiring. I'm pretty sure I have it right. The red light also does not go out after I start the engine.

I read on this forum that GM trucks can be particularly hard to program and that there is a firmware version 3.06 that resolves the issue.

I bought the Fortin flashlink-lite updater to upgrade my firmware from 3.01 to 3.06

The flashlink-lite updater seems to be working with my laptop correctly. The Flashlink manager 4 shows the flashlink-lite updater as connected.

When I plug in my INT-SL+ the red light comes on for a few seconds and goes out. Flashlink Manager4 always shows the "module status" as disconnected.

I tried holding the INT-SL programming button before plugging the INT-SL into the Flashlink-lite. The red light stays on but the "module status" doesn't change.

I have seen youtube videos that show the Fortin modules connecting almost instantly when plugged into the Flashlink devices, so I think something is wrong. I suspect the INT-SL

I don't want to buy more stuff until I'm sure that I'm going to solve the problem.

I feel that I should troubleshoot the connection between INT-SL+ and Flashlink first, since those are Fortin factory connections. That eleminates my wiring as a potential issue in the flowchart.

Is there a way to tell if the INT-SL+ is bad?
posté Dec 23, 2021 dans la catégorie Chevrolet par garrett fannin (130 points)

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int-sl has two 4 pin black connectors. The back one is for the flash link.


Use firmware 0.53 or 3.06


If it still does not program, you need to test the data wire at the OBD. There needs to be atleast 2V on there for the unit to program
répondu Dec 23, 2021 par Robert T (285,980 points)
Robert T thank you for your response.

I tried connecting to both the front and rear black connectiorsof the INT-SL+ with the flashlink lite. The behavior is as I described previously. The red light will come on for a few seconds then go off. Flashlink manager connects to the flashlink lite, but the module status says disconnected.

I have over 2V on my OBD wire.

I'm not sure what I can try next. I'd like to determin if there is something wrong with my INT-SL+ but I'm not sure how to determine that for sure.