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Solid yellow and red light

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So im installing the evo all with the tb-vw module in a 2008 vw rabbit. ive been fighting with this thing for a few hours now trying to get the thing to read the key so i can use the dcryptor. ive manage to get past the setup 3 diffrent times but each time i end up with a solid yellow and red light when i apply power back to the evo all. when i go to start it, the yellow will go off then the red starts flashing and wont stop till i unplug it. any advice would be great. also ive tried factory resetting, flashing diffrent firmwares and ive now hit the limit on dcryptor and i believe im one flash away from the limit
posté Dec 20, 2021 dans la catégorie Volkswagen par Steven Cummings (130 points)

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how many flashes of the RED LED does it do?

1x , 2x, 3x etc...
répondu Dec 20, 2021 par Robert T (285,980 points)
2x Red LED Flash = CAN2 not connected properly
3x Red LED Flash = Unknown vehicle , cluster unknown, check CAN2 If bcm or cluster is not original or has been modded, consider a key-wrap.
4x Red LED Flash = TB-VW not connected, or not connected properly
5x Red LED Flash = Dcryptor 1 did not work (for vehicles that require 2 Dcryptors')
6x Red LED Flash = Unknown vehicle, cluster unknown, check CAN2. If bcm or cluster is not original or has been modded, consider a key-wrap. 
5 red flashes
So it does not like the first dcryptor if it flashes 5 times. I noticed you wrote, "when i start it". Do not start the car, simply turn the key on. The red-yellow turning on after doing dcryptor can be normal, per the guide, continue plugging in everything then turn the key on (without starting the car).


You can try reseting the unit and using an older firmware, like 75.39. but... Disclaimer, the TB solution is in BETA for these cars. It may not work.
I tried the 75.39 firmware and i couldnt get past the part where you go from flashing blue to red light to the alternating lights, it would go from red light to flashing red 3 times. im assuming i just have to run the dcryptor in the software again
so i ran the dcryptor again and now i have the red and yellow lights alternating again.. so i guess that means i have to run the dcryptor for a 3rd time?