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When 3X lock is pressed vehicle starts. Then when started the FOB doesn't work while vehicle is running and have to use the key to enter the vehicle.

I've installed 2 other remote starts in 2013 Corolla and 2016 Tacoma, and after vehicles has started, I can still use the key FOB to unlock the door. I can also click 3X on the lock and shutoff vehicles. But I can't do it with 2014 camry...did I miss a wire? or is this normal operation?

thank you.

in Toyota by Daniel g (160 points)

1 Answer

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Disclaimer, if it's the Gkey model, 3xlock is not supported on that vehicle, RF-KIT required. The oem remote may not work while it is started like when it is started normally.
by Robert T (274k points)
Thank you for the quick response!!