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Security light keeps flashing while driving even after key take over

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I have the RFK 912, my wiring is correct but when i go to do key take over with the key turned to the run postion and press on the break the attena acknowleges and gives me a solid green light but shortly after it starts to flash again. Even restarting the car doesnt seem to work, the only time it doestn flash is when the car is off and i go to unlock it with my RFK Fob

I have the evo one for reference

SN: 002B04220286
posté Dec 18, 2021 dans la catégorie Ford par Alex Choate (1,810 points)
modifié Dec 20, 2021 par Alex Choate

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Right now, your EVO-ONE is setup for full control from the RF-KIT only.

  • the antenna led STOPS blinking with it receives UNLOCK from the 912.
  • the antenna led STARTs blinking when the system arms itself


You have many options of things you can do here...

  • If you connect the antenna itself into your flash link, you can completely disable the antenna LED.
  • If you connect your EVO-ONE to the flash link, enable option 38.4. Both the RF-KIT and the OEM remote lock/unlock will then be able to fully control the LED.
  • or..  Also in the EVO-ONE settings, take a look a the option 11, there's a bunch of different settings, like forcing the led off when ignition is on.
répondu Dec 20, 2021 par Robert T (279,840 points)
élue Dec 23, 2021 par Alex Choate
Thank you I will try this

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