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Box does not light up when 4-pin is inserted.

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I bought a EVO-ALL  Evo-TOYT6 for a Toyota Auris Hybrid 2018.

I installed the T-harness as recommended in the installation manual, but the box does not light up when i insert the 4-pin in it, when I try to program it.

The Box is flashed and should be good to go.

Do you have any idea what the problem could be?

Guide # 73271 used
posté Dec 10, 2021 dans la catégorie Toyota par Jesper Juul-Nielsen (160 points)
modifié Dec 10, 2021 par Jesper Juul-Nielsen

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You need to supply the module with power and ground as shown in guide 73271. If its not lighting up, I would check there first.
répondu Dec 10, 2021 par derek ! (284,720 points)
Hey Derek.

The 12 V power supply and the ground is OK. But nothing happens when the 4-Pin i inserted in the box
If you plug the module into the flash link updater does the led light up?

Hi Derek


When we using the Flash link updater everything works and light is on and can be flashed

How many things do the 4 Pin connector, recieve + and -  anything els?

If it lights up at the pc but not in the vehicle. This would really lead me to belive there is an issue with the power or ground you have wired up in the vehicle.


If you take a 2nd module and try programming it in said vehicle does it light up or no?
Okay so the box lights up now, and after following the programming procedure, we are stuck on step 5.

The blue light is constant, and does not turn off or flash rapitly like it should after turning the ignition on and pressing and releasing the programming button once.

Any suggestions?
You need to press and release the programming button after you turn the ignition on.
Hi Derek.

After we turn ignition on we pres and release the Button on the Ev0All. The blue light is just on doing notthing els.
What is the S/N on the back of the module?
You need to flash minimum 79.66 into the unit as guide 73271 states.
Hi Derek.


 The highest Firmware is only 79.56.


How to get 79.66