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  • Just bought Fortin remote starter kit EVO-ONE with RFK442 THAR-ONE-TOY12 for this 2020 RAV4 LE, H-KEY. Installed yestoday, the OEM 3xlock working, fist try it remote started the car; programmed RFK 442 one remote, got remote started on first shot also, OEM key fob stay function. Good job.
  • Moved car to drive way from garage, double check the lock and unlock fuctions again from both OEM and RFK442 remotes. Remote started car, when driving to street showing "system malfunction".
  • I read those simillar questions, can't get answer.
  • EVO ONE bypass firmware 88.20, remote start firmware 1.25.
  • Please help. What should I check?
posté Dec 8, 2021 dans la catégorie Toyota par Matthew Lee (240 points)

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Check that all connectors are properly seated. Toyota/Lexus uses really long and thin terminals in those connectors. They are easy to bend and get pulled out. Ensure all connectors, and pins, and properly seated.


Also, check that the ground connection that is done where the 2-pin connector needs to get snipped, is solid.
This is the current guide:
répondu Dec 8, 2021 par Robert T (275,300 points)
élue Dec 8, 2021 par Matthew Lee
Yes, I use the guide 93691.

I checked connecftors, seems all right.

I disconnected car battery and reset the RAV4 "Malfunction " alarm. I found when use OEM remote, remote starting and lock unlock are all working good, no malfunction trigered. I drove for a couple days, happy.

But tried RFK442 remote today, RAV4 remote started, went in the car and drove away, the malfunction show up again. Any thoughts?

Dec 30, 2021: my rav4 remote start problem more like this after a couple weeks oberservation

  • Use OEM remote or RFK442 remote, the low fuel yellow light show up after remote started, When going in the car, key in the key cylinder and turne to ON position, press brake, key taking over. The yellow low fuel light disappear, and fuel display needle moving up to level.
  • After a few times remote starting, when you try another remote starting, the check engine light show up, and screen also shwing "AWD System Malfuntion. 2WD Mode Engaged, Visit you r dealer"

Is this could be a communication issue between EVO one and RAV4 ? any idea?

The CHECK ENGINE light was P2067:generic fuel level sensor "B" circuit low.

Looks like the fuel tank level signal didn't get by RAV4 ECU after remote started, so the ECU set the CHECK  ENGINE light.
Jan.2, 20222: for the low fuel level warning light after remote start, I am wondering That low fuel level sensor dosen't powered up by ECU?

When starting RAV4 by OEM key, the fuel gauge needle move to level as soon as key turne to ON position. In remote starting case, the IGNITION and or ACCESSORY signals from EVO-ONE didn't do the work for fuel level sensor.

SO, question: can yoou check 2020 RAV4 LE( Canadian mode)wiring diagram,  see how fuel level sensor get +12V power?

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