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2013 Touareg no crank 3x lock Thar-AUD1/Evo all

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2013 Touareg 3.0 TDI, unit programs fine however when 3x lock the vehicle dash lights up but no crank. I triple checked PIN2 of the BCM connector for the brake lights as directly across in PIN18 is the same color wire, also with a test light at the module it lights up with ign on and pressing the brake pedal. I assume its an option in the module that needs changing.


Module S/N is 001A07217040


posté Dec 8, 2021 dans la catégorie Volkswagen par Sean (720 points)

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Update, I got the car back, turned off D2 and unit functions as it should now.


Thanks for your help!
répondu Jan 20, 2022 par Sean (720 points)
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Start by turning OFF option D2 in your unit. Disarm before start will cause a no start on these vehicles.


If that still does not fix it, verify the brake connection. And leave D2 OFF
répondu Dec 8, 2021 par Robert T (284,540 points)
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I can confirm this is the answer to your issues as I just had the same experience a few days ago with my 2014.

I also had an issue with the defaut setting "lock after start" or something like that (I apologize I cannot obviously check the settings now with the unit in the vehicle) where it would do exactly that but the mirrors would also fold themselves in but not go back on unlock(??)
répondu Dec 9, 2021 par Jon Nelson (180 points)
On most vehicles with power mirrors, once the car is running, unlock from the oem remote cannot control the mirrors anymore. Only the button inside the car can.