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2007 Jeep Compass, turns on but no crank no start.

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installing Evo All, stand alone with Thar-CHR5 ignition and MUX wires are connected module is programmed, key is programmed bit no start. Dash lights up, fuel pump buzzes but not start. HELP?
posté Dec 8, 2021 dans la catégorie Jeep par Shane Benjie (220 points)

1 Réponse

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did you connect the starter wire? Pin number 4 at ignition connector.
répondu Dec 8, 2021 par Haidar Jabbar (21,370 points)
With the harness, I connected the yellow-yellow and green/red-purple wires...(ignition/MUX) wires. is there something I'm missing?

There is no ignition wire on at pin 4(its blank) so i did the install using Dia. C.
Confirm with the below guide if you have a starter wire or not in Pin 4. If it is not there, remove the green/red from the purple wire and connect the green/red to the MUX wire indicated in the guide mentioned.
Was this issue ever solved? I'm having the same issue with 2005 Jeep Grand Cherokee.  Starter wire is connected - no crank.

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