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After DCrypting remote start, why does my key no longer work on its own to start the car?

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(key-to-start) Hooked up the T-Harness and did first module programming, it started fine with the key. Unhooked module and had to start car to go get computer because I forgot it. It started fine again and got me home. After running it through DCryptor program and hooking it back up I tested the remote start, that has worked fine too. But now my key wont start the car, it only turns it on and I can only remote start it. Tripple checked and everything is plugged in all the way and in the right places. What is the issue?
posté Nov 22, 2021 dans la catégorie Nissan par Tekiuh Hutton (130 points)

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What is the vehicle in question?


Since it no longer starts with the key firs thing to check would be all fuses and connectors to make sure you have no bent a pin or poped a fuse or pinched a wire.
répondu Nov 22, 2021 par derek ! (286,160 points)