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Unable to program MyCar telematics module to EVO-ALL

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When trying to learn MyCar telematics module to the EVO-ALL, at the point after switching the ignition ON when the RED & BLUE LED's are supposed to flash, they never do. I have waited upwards of 10 minutes, but they never flash.

My MyCar app reads the GPS position of the car but Start/Stop and Lock/Unlock does not work. The telematics module LED's show that the module is connected to both GPS and Cellular.

The OEM remote start works as it should with Lock/Lock/Lock.

2021 Toyota Corolla, Push Start, Automatic with T-Harness. EVO Serial N.: 001A07220406

Any suggestions?
posté Nov 18, 2021 dans la catégorie Toyota par Milan Bezik (130 points)
modifié Nov 18, 2021 par Milan Bezik

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When you turn ignition on, try sending lock from the app and see if blue and red blink.


Also ensure the app has been set up in the fortin protocol.
répondu Nov 18, 2021 par derek ! (285,990 points)