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Can’t shift out of Park

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Installed the Evo-All as a stand alone starter. Everything works great, starts on x3 locks and shuts off if you hit the brakes. But only thing is I can't shift out of Park. Grateful for any help.
2010 Dodge Journey.
fermer avec la note: Bent pin on t-harness
posté Nov 10, 2021 dans la catégorie Dodge par Shane Benjie (220 points)
fermé Nov 11, 2021 par derek !

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Either you did not do the modification on the red connector, or you did it incorrectly.


That modification is to allow the vehicle to shift after take over.


Page 5:
répondu Nov 10, 2021 par derek ! (284,570 points)
I used the same diagram you posted, did all the mods connected all the wires....
Please send pictures clearly showing the modification you have done to:

Put it to attention Derek.
Will do, thanks man.

Quick question, you had suggested in another answer to my solid blue light question that I reconnect the interrupt and try programming the fob. I did that and it worked, I then did the interupt again after the program and buttoned up. Could that be the problem? Do I need to reprogram the module?
No, you should not need to re program it after the interupt was done.


However, if you re try programming and it no longer programs again, then that would point to an issue with the interrupt.