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2013 vw touareg no start except with brake pedal

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sn: 002b04174651

version 60.11

first install was with thar-aud1 that didnt work ignition didnt come on and it was asking to remove key from ignition

second install was wire to wire installation worked fine could program the key ect. tried remote start ignition comes on but no start at first ign on if i touch the brake it would stall soon after at second ign on (on same remote start attempt) it keeps running. verified yellow/red wire to black/red wire all seems ok. i got 12v at black/red if i touch the brake. at one time while trying car start even if yellow/red was connected.

car is a diesel if that matters.
posté Nov 7, 2021 dans la catégorie Volkswagen par Jerry Martin (310 points)

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after speaking with the tech line they asked me to put option d2 to off in the bypass mode and that solved my problem. tks a lot guy great service.
répondu Nov 11, 2021 par Jerry Martin (310 points)
Glad we got that sorted out.


Best Regards.
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Please enable option 18.5 in the remote starter and re test it.
répondu Nov 8, 2021 par derek ! (277,110 points)
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tks for the answer i tried that option as well as the other 18.# and nothing worked. made sure it was the correct black/red wire and it was. tried different firmware for bypass nothing worked now i reach the update limit.
répondu Nov 8, 2021 par Jerry Martin (310 points)
I have reset the flash limit for you.


I would suggest then calling fortin technical support when you have the vehicle and module on hand.



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