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I have successfully installed the EVO-ONE module in my 2006 Dodge Dakota using the THAR-CHR5 t-harness. Remote start works using the 3x lock initiation via OEM remote. However, the cabin blower motor is not being triggered on remote start.

I have done some digging and it looks like the blower motos is on a negative trigger (purple accessory wire). I need to add a second relay in order to trigger this accessory, but need help to know which wires to connect on the relay in order to give me negative trigger out.

So far, EVO-ONE wiring has been done using guid #16671
in Dodge by Leif Drathman (130 points)

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What needs to be powered on this vehicle at the ignition switch is the following
  • (+) Acc1 Pink/White
  • (-)  Acc2 Purple
  • (+) Acc3 Pink/Yellow (should not be needed)
  • (+) Ignition1  Pink (or Black)
  • (+) Ignition2  Pink/Light Green
  • (+) Starter  Pink/Blue
  • (-) Keysense Purple/Tan

This link can be used as a resource to wire a relay :

  • The (+)Trigger in the diagram within that link would be connected to (+)Acc1 (orange wire on evo E2)
  • The Negative output of that diagram would be your (-)Acc2 output
by Robert T (274k points)