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2017 jetta push to start manual trans no purple/black wire for clutch bypass in pin a5

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There is no purple/black wire in pin a5 for the clutch bypass?
posté Oct 27, 2021 dans la catégorie Volkswagen par Milton Sousa (130 points)

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did you find any wire in that pin location? whats the color at that pin?


There is an alternative location:

Under the hood, at ECM next to underhood fuse box, 91 pin plug "black", pin 62, its purple/black.
répondu Oct 28, 2021 par Haidar Jabbar (21,840 points)
Same problem here, but there a 2 connectors on top of the ECM and they are both black. Since I have to take a wire from the ECM can I take the rest of the wire from the EMC instead of the 2 BCM connectors (A19, A18 - A5, C3 C4)?
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If that is the case, send an email to stating the wire is not present and we will send you the alternate wiring/information for the clutch bypass.
répondu Oct 27, 2021 par derek ! (284,770 points)