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evo-one quickly change bulbs and not respond to a programmable

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Hello. Why does the fortin evo-one quickly change bulbs and not respond to a programmable stick while holding? He doesn’t even want to go into programmable mode, and the just light bulb flies quickly.
posté Oct 27, 2021 dans la catégorie Buick par Motiejus Joksas (200 points)

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according to the video, you must hold down the programming button then insert the data black cable. I see you already inserted the cable and then pressing the button.
répondu Oct 27, 2021 par Haidar Jabbar (21,840 points)
You may not have seen it, but I had pressed that wick and then plugged that cord into the module. I did 20 at the same time and with meals separately I looked the same anyway. I tried pressing and holding the chick anyway the lights were running fast anyway.
And why do the lights flash very fast?
can you provide your car details ? Make Model year and whether push or key?

Also if your programming you need to insert the big white connector (hig hcurrent) not the black small one, (thats the case with evo all). It also depends on the car thats why I asked you for the car details above.
Opel insignia 2018 2.0 diesel Automatic gearbox, push button, grand sport
Yesterday I tried the same on the white connector anyway, but on the white as I understand it: ground, +12 and ignition are enough. But still, the bulbs also flash. I recovered all the video, info, and so on from Google yesterday, somehow flashing slower to everyone than to me. From tried and with the white connector and with the date 4pin connector not turned on anyway programming mode
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répondu Oct 27, 2021 par Motiejus Joksas (200 points)
you need to first flash your evo using the flash link. It's not flashed yet.
I got it right? Because I now still need to order a flash date USB
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répondu Nov 2, 2021 par Motiejus Joksas (270 points)
Push-to-start button ?

There is no push-to-start in your opel insignia 2018 program. But I choose buick regal for it in 2018 but anyway after programming nothing happens.
Euro vehicles are not supported in the Wizard mode.

Click the gear icon in the top right corner and choose "Go to Pro mode"
new video how to work
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okey. Well what works, but not to the end. Doesn't work for her 3 times trying to hit the lock button. But for her creatures to lock, unlock and re-lock it works, but the other problem is the keypad is over and doesn't see when she's runing. Video down :)
répondu Nov 6, 2021 par Motiejus Joksas (270 points)
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répondu Nov 6, 2021 par Motiejus Joksas (270 points)