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2014 Honda Odyssey. Check keyless starting system message on dash

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2014 Honda Odyssey  push to start.  Instillation with Evo one and Thar one Hon8 tharness. Programming and dcryptor went smooth. 3xlock to  start and take over are working.  Only issue is, I'm getting  check keyless starting system message on dash at all times.  I've read  in  the fourm that this light is normal under remote start as the key is not present but should go away once  the car is started normal.  However in my case the light is on always even when I start the car normally .Any help would be appreciated
posté Oct 25, 2021 dans la catégorie Honda par Fred Khan (190 points)
modifié Oct 26, 2021 par Fred Khan

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If it is on when the vehicle is started normally I would first check that all connectors have been properly seated.
répondu Oct 26, 2021 par derek (270,070 points)
I've checked connections after installation. Everything seems ok. will recheck again tomorrow just to be safe. If it's not a connection issue what are my options.
Sometimes doing take over to fast can cause this also.


After you get in a press the pts button 1x, wait 2-3 seconds before pressing the brake pedal and shifting into gear.
The light is on always. When I start the car normal (without remote starter) the light is always on. Is there a way to modify this installation for non takeover?
First get the light to go out. Perhaps just a battery reset will do the trick.


Once it's out try doing take over slowly as mentioned.


If it still illuminates you could enbled option D3- door open shut down so that take over is removed.




contact tech support for further assitance


Ok. Thanks for all the advice.

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