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'19 Ram promaster

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Hello, I am looking to get remote start only for my '19 Ram 1500 promaster. It does not have remote start or alarm now. It uses a standard turn key. According to the website it says I can use the EVO-ONE. Looking at the install instructions on page 5, it shows what looks to be a remote starter module of some sort?

Am I looking at the right instructions for this setup?

If so, do I need another part?
Also, is there a t-harness made for this yet?
posté Oct 25, 2021 dans la catégorie Ram par Matt Dykhouse (200 points)

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For that vehicle you would need the following for remote start using the OEM remote:


1- evo-one

2- flash link updater


This would be the programming and installation guide:


At this time no t-harness exists. The entire installation must be manually spliced into the vehicles exisiting wiring.
répondu Oct 25, 2021 par derek ! (277,630 points)
Yes it will.
After re reading this thread, I realized that the flash link you have does not have the provision to access the remote starter side of the evo-one. You have a flash link light, not a flash link updater as I suggested above.


I would suggest getting in contact with your point of purchase in regards on how to proceed.
Yeah I had a feeling that was going to happen. Thank you Derek I will order the other one.
Hi Derek, finally got the right flash updater. Everything updated and now works perfectly. Thanks for all your help. Looking forward to doing other vehicles with this product.
Glad you got it going.


Best Regards.

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