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Installed EVO-ALL and T-harness on 2008 dodge avenger.  Configured it for standalone per guide #64051, connected green/red wire to purple and yellow to yellow in the T-harness.  All other wires just taped back, no hood pin installed.  EVO seemed to program correctly.  Pressing 3X lock on remote turns on ignition, but car doesnt start.  Also will not start with the key.  Sets code P0513 - incorrect immobilizer key.  I can remove the T-harness and reconnect the ignition plug back stock and the car starts like normal with the key.  I tried several different configurations and updated then downgraded the firmware on the EVO, but nothing I did made any difference.  It seems like the EVO is not managing the immobilizer function.  SN: 001A07096654.  Any ideas?
in Dodge by Mike Jones (180 points)

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if the vehicle does not start with the key with the tharness connected, then the issue might be with the tharness. please verify that no pins were pushed out or bent on the male and female connectors that plug into the OEM ignition switch assembly.
by Jesus Monroy (61.0k points)
selected by Mike Jones
Good point, thanks for the help.  I checked the harness and all the pins and wires are in good shape.  I ohmed all the individual wires through the connectors, all great.  I plugged the harness in without the EVO module and, no start with the key.  I already know it won't start with the key (or remote) with the EVO module plugged in.  I'm pretty sure the harness is OK, but should it start with the key if the harness is plugged in without the module?  It seems like it should because all of the wires go directly from the male to the female plugs, with branches off for the module connections.  So it seems like the car wouldn't even see the harness if the EVO module was not plugged in.
***Update*** I used the connectors from the harness and just hardwired the EVO-All in and it works perfectly.  Must have been some issue with the T-harness, but I checked and double checked it and couldn't find any issues.  Thanks JM and Fortin support!