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Resistor required for parking lights at BCM on 2015 RAM

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Per the instructions for 2015 RAM it says to tap into the connector at the headlight switch for the parking lights output and add a 1k ohm resistor.  I previously had a different remote start module where i tapped into the parking lights output at the BCM and it didnt require a resistor.  Can i tap into the bcm for the parking lights output with the EVO-ALL and if so do i still need to add the resistor?
posté Oct 9, 2021 dans la catégorie Ram par Dan Tavares (130 points)

1 Réponse

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if the instructions show the brown white (evoall) or the pink wire (evo-one) being used for pk light control, then yes you will need the correct resistor to make the parking lights work since we are mimicking the OEM light switch signal


If you are able to find a negative trigger wire elsewhere that does not need a resistor then yes you can connect directly, but make sure to test the circuit properly as to not risk damaging the evo module, or vehicle, or both
répondu Oct 11, 2021 par JM (61,760 points)
test the circuit how?
With a digital multimeter.
what am i looking for?