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Door lock and unlock does not work on RF942

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Jetta 2016 standard key

With the RF942 remote:
Remote Start & Stop works fine
Door lock, module clicking once but nothing happens
Door unlock, module clicking twice but nothing happens
Also tried trigger wires, purple a2, purple/white a3 with same results as the rf remote, clicking but nothing.

A5 is turned off
Green/Red wire(A18) is connected to Mux Lock/Unlock Blue/Red wire at BCM connector A (black) pin 24.

Evo-vwt3 (evo-all, t-harness, vw-tb)
fermer avec la note: solved with a new module
posté Oct 7, 2021 dans la catégorie Volkswagen par Michel Racine (130 points)
fermé Nov 16, 2021 par Michel Racine

1 Réponse

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What is the S/N to the evo?

When sending unlock or lock from the rf kit, what do the led's on the evo do?
répondu Oct 7, 2021 par derek ! (276,840 points)
Tried a few version down to 75.36, no luck. The module?
You could try another module, however I believe you said the evo is outputtin on the mux door lock wire.
I don't have another evo. I can confirm that there is no output from the evo on the mux wire.

How can I get it replaced? Was purchased online about 9 months ago but that retailer only has a 30 day policy. Been using it just fine as a stand-alone with the OEM keyfob but now adding the RF-kit and I find out it has a problem.

The warranty for the module is held at the place of purhcase.


You could try calling Fortin tech support when you are in the vehicle with the module and flash link to see if there are any further suggestions to try.


Thanks, All is good with a new module, the other module was defective.

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