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How to re-engage remote start so I can keep car running

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I have a 2021 Honda HR-V. Currently I have the Fortin Evo One installed in it with the cellular module added onto it. Everything works flawlessly, but I was wondering since I have the cellular add-on will I be able to reactivate the remote start and take the key out of the ignition so I can run into a convenience store and keep the vehicle running?
posté Sept 29, 2021 dans la catégorie Honda par Mark Czajkoswski (160 points)

1 Réponse

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Yes, you can do it one of 2 ways with evo-start.


When the car is running normally, place the vehicle in park and:


- press and hold the button on the antenna until it goes green


- send start from the app.


Once the command is recieved the evo will take over powering the vehicle and you should be able to remove your key and run into the store while the vehicle stays running.


Best Regards.
répondu Sept 30, 2021 par derek ! (284,570 points)