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How do I enable the horn on my 2010 F150

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I wired up everything the way the diagram (Guide #84011) depicts everything should be, but I get no audible chirp confirming the doors lock when using the two way remotes (RF442). When I lock with my old OEM fobs I get the chirp but not with the Fortin system. I also figure the alarm function of the EVO-ONE wont work if it isn't wired up to an audible device. I'm just unsure what wire from the EVO-ONE needs to go to the horn. The generic guide that came with the EVO-ONE (Guide #32991) states that the A7 Orange/Black wire goes to the Horn/Siren (-). If that's the case I still dont know which wire is the horn (-) on my steering column. WireColor states it should be the Blue/White wire on my steering column but that is also the color that I used for my Start (+) wire, so I have my doubts if this is correct because I dont think Ford would use the same color twice in the same area. I just dont want to tap into the wrong wire or spend a lot of time trouble shooting to find the right wire with a multimeter.

Also when programming the EVO-ONE, the only options I was able to tweak were alphebetical. I was not able to edit function 38 and select mode 2 the way the guide was telling me to do.

Lastly just out of curiosity I was wondering what all the E1-E8 options were for during programming. You can turn on/off each one but it doesn't give a description what each option does.
posté Sept 10, 2021 dans la catégorie Ford par Timothy Griffin (130 points)

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For the horn function to work you need to connect the orange/black from the 20 pin connector to the vehicles horn wire. Be sure to test and make sure it is a negative trigger as the evo's output is negative and NOT positive. 


Normally the horn wire will be located in the clock spring connector. testing the blue/white would answer whether you are on the right circuit or not. alternate location is SJB in passenger kick, black 52 pin connector (B), pin 41.  again test before connecting. If you want the alarm feature afterwards you would need to enable option 14.2 in the remote starter. 


If settings protection was on this would explain why you are not able to select sub options. Ensure its off when setting the module up at the PC. 


Option 2 in the remote starter gives a descrip[tion of what each wire on connector E does when said option is selected. 

répondu Sept 10, 2021 par derek ! (277,630 points)

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