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2014 Mazda CX5 Manual - Installed EVO-ONE W/ THAR Lights blink blue does not stay on solid

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Hello, I purchased an EVO-ONE kit along with the T-harness for my 2014 Mazda CX5 manual trans, push button start. I programmed the module originally with the Flash Link on windows 10 laptop, I installed it in the vehcle with the T Harness. I ran a wire for the hood switch and mounted it. I am unsure if I hooked up the clutch switch correctly, the picture shows it in series but the input goes straight into the module and then back around into the T Harness..I hooked it up to the ground side trigger.

The module will not power up and stay on, if I hold the programming button or unplug the 6 pin and plug it back in the unit will blink all the LEDs and then they just all go out. The blue one will not stay on.

Can I get some guidance guys? Anybody run into this before? I double checked all the plugs into the module, the T Harness plugs.

fermer avec la note: I figured it out myself, users did nothing but question if I could do it, If I actually read the instructions but ignored half my questions
posté Aout 19, 2021 dans la catégorie Mazda par Michael Jover (180 points)
fermé Mar 17, 2022 par Michael Jover

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If you are not a shop or professional installer, I highly recommend bringing this vehicle to a professional shop for installation due to the fact that it is a manual transmission vehicle, any errors in programming and/or clutch bypass connections may cause the vehicle to start in gear.


All leds flashing at the same time points to an empty module and/or corrupted firmware flash.
répondu Aout 20, 2021 par JM (61,760 points)
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Programming starts with the unit completely disconnected.

1. Hold down the button while inserting the 6 pin connector. Leds will start to alternate colors.

2. When LED is BLUE, release the button. It will not stop by itself on blue, you need to release the button when its blue


If all three leds still flash at step 1, the module is most likely not flashed correctly. 

répondu Aout 20, 2021 par Robert T (284,490 points)
if the module cannot connect to the Flashlink Updater, this is normally a sign that the module has been damaged.


Testing the Flashlink Manager and Flashlink Updater with a 2nd module would be the next step to try, if a 2nd module connects and communicates, then the Evo module has been damaged during installation.

I am unsure if I hooked up the clutch switch correctly, the picture shows it in series but the input goes straight into the module and then back around into the T Harness..I hooked it up to the ground side trigger.


What exactly did you "hook up to the ground side trigger"?


There are no analog connections from the Evo to the vehicle's clutch switch, that is not part of the tharness.(Assuming you are using a MAZ3 harness)


what's the 12 digit service number of the module ?

I was able to look up your flash history with your email.

Service number 002B04072622 ?

If so, the original flash did work correctly. It's returning 0.00 as a firmware. This explains why the unit is not programming and why it is not connecting the flash link.

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To remedy, Click on the gear icon in the top right corner then choose Go To Pro Mode. This will allow you to manually reflash the unit with firmware 85.10


Please call us directly if the above does not work. 1-877-336-7797


I have remedied thaty issue I don't know what happened but its working correctly and flashed now.
The white wire from the EVO-ONE harness I connected to the Black/orange wire off the clutch switch which goes to ground.

There is also a white wire coming out of the T Harness which Is labelled for manual transmissions only. The instructions are terrible the diagram "manual transmission wiring connection"  it seems like the 2 wires are hooked up at the same location or in series but theres no steps saying to do so. Meaning the white wire from the T harness should go to the power side of the clutch switch?

I have my module flashed and installed, when I go to remote start the park lights flash 3 times and theres nothing anywhere saying what the number of flashes mean.
The instructions are useless theres 2 wires labelled clutch switch, then theres the 1 white wire which comes out of the t-harness and is shown connecting to the clutch switch. The dot indicates a splice yet it shows the switch in series with the module and white tharness wire. It doesnt say which switch to hook up to there is a starter interlock switch and a clutch position switch.
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Figured it out myself. Thanks for ignoring my questions
répondu Mar 17, 2022 par Michael Jover (180 points)
Hi Michael, I have a similar problem like yours, can you by chance explain what you did?