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Is it possible to get 2 replacement keyless entry keychain cases for service #001A06-447790?

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2 remotes with or with out computer chip inside. I still have original computer chips, the cases were not built strong.
posté Juin 18 dans la catégorie Ford par James Nash (130 points)

1 Réponse

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If you are looking for replacement cases please contact an authorized distributor or re seller:
répondu Juin 18 par Derek (223,850 points)
There are no distributors in the area and all the pages are just an extension of Fortins. At this point im better off to take the whole unit out of my vehicle and replace it with a better supported one directly from a different manufacturer.
Distributors are able to ship products if they are not in your immediat area.


We do not sell rf pieces directly to end consumers.


Best Regards.

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