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OL-RF-52-SST no LED for remote programming with EVO ONE

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Vehicle is a 2005 Buick Rainier with standard key. Installed the EVO ONE (remote start firmware 0.44) and the OL-RF-52-SST about a year ago (May 2020). Everything worked OK. The truck had an engine failure and was in the shop for several months with the battery disconnected. When powered back up, the Omega RF remotes no longer work. OEM remotes work. I followed the directions for remote programming as listed below. My antenna LED is not lighting up at all.

The unit was intalled with a custom T-harness for power using OEM connectors and automotive-grade wire. The 30A inline fuse is good.The harness to the antenna looks OK. I verified the unit still has FW 0.44 via my Flash-Link 4 programmer.

Here's the process I tried to program the remotes:

Flash 0.44 into the remote starter and do the following to program:

- ign on off on, led on antenna will light up solid. 
- 4x on brake pedal. It should blink once with each brake press.
- Then send lock from each remote, should blink once again to confirm it programmed.
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The solution here was a master reset of the unit. Once that was done, the antenna workled as it should and I was able to program the remotes. Everything is tested and working as of today.


Thanks for all of the help here.
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try the same programming sequence you mentioned but instead of looking at the led on the antenna, look at the red led on the side of the unit underneath the yellow loop you cut. See if the evo is reacting to the commands for remote pairing.
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What Derek said. But also, if the EVO-ONE is in an armed state, it won't allow remote programming. If it is armed, that RED led on the back (not the top) of the module will be flashing slowly. To get out of it being armed, you need to go in and out of valet mode. (igniiton on, press 3x on the valet button, ignition off)
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Thanks for the info. Sorry for the delay getting back to this, but I didn't have a chance to look at the truck until this evening. I tried both suggestions and no-go (#1, no red LED activity w/ remote pairing attempts, #2, no slow red LED flash with ignition off or on). Here is what is happening with the unit (all doors closed):

Key off- no LEDs.

Key on- Amber solid LED

Key off-on-off-on- Solid amber LED, solid red rear LED that goes out after about 20 seconds.

Key off-on-off-on with 4x brake pedal pushes: Solid amber LED, red rear LED flashes w/ each pedal push, rapid flash after #4.


EDIT- I re-read one of my posts here from last year on this vehicle, and see it needed FW 70.39. I flashed it and the module is behaving exactly the same.
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The data link connector on the evo-one only does first generation fortin protocol. You would need to find out if the omegalink piece offers that protocol.

But I would double check with omegalink that the remotes will work in the situation you are describing. Because they would be going to the omegalink and not the evo-one.
not sure what you trying to do there but the EVO-ONE would still be the main controller in that setup. Adding an ads/omega key bypass kit will not be much help
Thanks. According to Omega, the RF-52 kit is compatible with the OL-MDB-ALL. If needed, I guess I can just find a generic remote starter box and sell the EVO. Thanks again for your advice here.

not sure what you trying to do there but the EVO-ONE would still be the main controller in that setup. Adding an ads/omega key bypass kit will not be much help


Sorry I wasn't cvlear enough. My problem is the remote kit I want to keep is no longer compatible with the EVO ONE. I therefore need another box to plug the antenna into. Since it is an Omegalink antenna, I am wanting to use their box for compatibility. It looks like my best option is to use another remote starter box for this to work properly.


I did a full reset on the unit, both bypass and remote start. This allowed the antenna to work as it should.

Reset process used:

Remote start:

1- turn ignition on

2- press and hold valet switch until parking lights turn on (or red led under the yellow loop begins to flash)

3- press and release the valet switch 23 times

4-press and release the brake pedal once

5- press and hold valet switch for 5 seconds. Pakring lights will flash to confirm.

6- turn the ignition off (park lights will flash 4 times to confirm exiting programming).


1. Hold down programming button while plugging in datalink connector.

2. Let go of button when LED is RED.

3. Push and hold button again until all three LEDs start to alternate.

4. Disconnect unit, it is now reset

Now of course another issue has arisen, the bypass will not program per the EVO ONE instructions. I'll look for another thread on it.