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Lexus RX350 2009 Firmware in Manual is not an option in Flashlink Manger 4

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I have Flashed the INT-SL+ with 0.17 via the instalation manual Guide#90081

It says to load Firmware 79.65 to the EVO-ONE. The highest option available is 79.56.

I cannot get he INT-SL+ to program to the car via the lock button.

The EVO-ONE will learn the key and flash red 10x, but when I go to the next step to hold the programming button on the INT-SL+ then connect connector 1 and keep holding while connecting connector 2. The Led is supposed to light up, but nothing happens.
posté Juin 6 dans la catégorie Lexus par Mcgyver62388 (130 points)

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If the int-sl+ does not light up when holding down the programming button and plugging in the data link, first thing to verify is if you have power and ground on the black 4 pin data link cable. red = power, black = ground.


79.56 will work fine in a vehicle of that age.
répondu Juin 7 par Derek (227,050 points)
Hey Derek, I have power and ground on the 4 pin connector, but the INT-SL+ does nothing. if I reprogramm the firmware I can get it to respond, but I dont want to do that again because I only have 4 flashes left.