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TB-MITS2 remote starter 2004 Mitsubishi Galant and what else? Prostart ct-3360

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I cannot find the other items mentioned, are they necessary? tb-control
posté Mai 27 dans la catégorie Mitsubishi par Adam Mlynek (130 points)

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Pleaseuse this link for more information:
répondu Mai 28 par Haidar Jabbar (8,720 points)
is the tb-control box required? is it still available? what does it do?
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For this vehicle you have 2 options in terms of bypass for remote start:


1- Sacrifice a key for the vehicle and perform what is known as a "key wrap"


2- TB-mits2 & tb-control. The tb-control is a relay that is controlled via the GWR from the remote starter.

for availability please contact your nearest distributor:
répondu Mai 28 par Derek (228,160 points)